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Each day in the United States, nearly 30 people die as a result of a vehicular accident involving an impaired driver, and over 1 million drivers are arrested each year for driving under the influence. Fortunately, these statistics are completely preventable. Use the below tips to help yourself and others responsibly consume alcohol, and remain safe  on the road.

  • When consuming alcohol, always have a designated sober driver as your mode of transportation. This can  be a cab driver or an individual in your group who won’t be partaking in drinking.
  • If you notice that your friend has had too much to drink and is attempting to drive, try to take their keys from them and provide alternate transportation with a sober driver.
  • While hosting a party where alcohol will be served, remind your guests to drink responsibly and to only leave with a designated driver.

Remember all of these statistics and tips next time you or someone you know is about to get behind the wheel while intoxicated.