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While the interview process is mainly an opportunity for potential employers to assess you and your qualifications for the position they are hiring for, it is also an opportunity for you to assess the employer in return. Take advantage of your time during the interview process to determine whether or not you could see yourself happily working for the company. Use the tips below to make this determination.

  • Start assessing the employer with the very first interaction you have upon walking through the door. Your first impression upon walking in the doors is a great indicator of how employees are typically treated.
  • Observe the current employees. Are they happy to be at work? The current employees’ contentment can be a key indicator of how you will enjoy working in the environment.
  • Check to see if there is evidence that the employer invests in their employees. Is there a stocked kitchen for employees to use? Do they offer health and wellness programs, such as a gym or gym membership? These kinds of things can tell you whether or not the company is truly interested in and devoted to their employees.
  • Try to see how upper management interacts with lower level employees. The interactions between upper management and lower level employees can be key in demonstrating the company’s hierarchy and how well the higher level employees handle their leadership.

Use the above tips during your next interview to determine whether or not the company you are interviewing with is some place you would truly enjoy working.