Did you know that the average American has an attention span of eight seconds, which is actually a second shorter than the average goldfish’s attention span of nine seconds? However, the human attention span hasn’t always been so short; it has been on the decline recently.

With increased technology sources, continuous forms of communication and other outside distractions, it can be easy to let your attention wander and stay unfocused. Below are tips to help you stay focused throughout your work day:

  • Track how you are using your time. By monitoring your productivity, you are more likely to be motivated to stay focused and on task. Note every work-related activity you accomplish throughout the day and how much time you spent on each to evaluate whether or not you are using your time wisely.
  • Stay well rested. Research has continuously shown that well rested people tend to stay focused better and have a clearer thought process. Not only will enough sleep help your mental capacity, it will also help increase your health and wellness.
  • Be mindful of the tasks you are completing throughout the day. Try hard to devote your entire focus to the task at hand in order to complete it in a timely manner. Once you have completed one task on your to-do list, move onto the next task with complete mindfulness.

Think about ways to better manage your time and focus throughout the day – it may help increase your productivity and decrease your work-related stress levels!