You may have come to a turning point where you are looking for a career change, but are unsure of how to leave your current position. Leaving a position in a professional manner can be just as important as the work you have done for a company in terms of recommendations down the road. You never want to burn a bridge, and you never know when or where you might run into your former colleagues. Use the tips below to properly leave your job for future endeavors.

  • Give official notice with a letter of resignation. A professional and well thought-out resignation letter gives both your immediate boss and the Human Resources department official notice to put into file. It also allows you the opportunity to thank your employer for your time of employment and the experience you gained while an employee.
  • Give plenty of notice. The best time to submit a letter of resignation is on a Friday afternoon. This allows down time for thought and process for your superiors over the weekend. Also, be sure to give your employer enough notice so that they can find a replacement for your position; at least two weeks is best.
  • Expect questions, but stand your ground. Your boss most likely will inquire on why you are leaving, where you are heading and how much money they are offering you. Feel free to answer as you feel comfortable, but be sure to remain focused, even if your current employer offers you more money to stay.

Putting in your resignation can be both challenging and exciting, but remember to be thoughtful and professional throughout the experience; you never want to leave a bad taste in the mouth of a previous employer.