acloche thank you cards


Here at Acloché, we would have never thrived for 50 years in Central Ohio if it wasn’t for the support of our clients, our associates, our internal staff, and our incredible communities. Each of those four groups are a crucial piece of the puzzle that combine to make Acloché a top rated Staffing and HR Services organization.

For our 50 for 50 this week, we wanted to reach out and recognize our clients and partners all throughout Central Ohio. Each of our clients have received a letter from Acloché CEO Kim Shoemaker expressing our gratitude to them for helping us achieve this 50 year milestone, as well as introduce our 50 for 50 campaign. From the letter:

“Acloché feels particularly privileged to have achieved such a milestone, and while such a milestone certainly justifies some pomp and circumstance or congratulatory praise, that’s not really our style. We feel privileged, honored, and appreciative of our employees, our clients, our associates and our community. Therefore, out of this position of gratitude we have opted to celebrate our 50th year by giving back to the Central Ohio community that is our home.”

I think that sums it up nicely!

As part of our ongoing efforts to know and thank our clients, this past Thursday Acloché also participated in “Get to Know Your Customers Day”, which is observed on the third Thursday of each quarter. In honor of that, we’re holding a raffle on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages for a chance to win a great prize pack from Acloché, including a t-shirt, portable USB charger, LED flashlight, and much more! Visit our social media pages for details on how to enter.

Click here to learn more about our 50 for 50 campaign and to read about last week’s event, and check back next Friday for an update on our 50th anniversary celebration!



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